Our Vision

IAMercy seeks to partner with others to bring the transformative power of Christ’s mercy to the international poor by caring for individual persons – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically – in order that they may in turn lead their communities to the holistic wellbeing and love that Christ envisioned for them in His teachings.


Our Method

In an effort to accomplish its Vision, IAMercy has adopted the following methodology for meeting three tiers of need among the international poor:

Tier One:  Health, Shelter, and Safety

Empower Life…by meeting the holistic needs of the international poor. This means IAMercy will try to meet the basic physiological and safety needs (e.g. medical care, food, shelter, and clothing) of those to whom it ministers.

Tier Two:  Love, Family, and Faith

Embrace Love…by creating a safe atmosphere for genuine community.  In general, IAMercy will attempt to build a family, not an orphanage.  IAMercy will seek to establish a home, not a shelter.  It will attempt to lead those under its ministry to the knowledge that they are loved both by God and IAMercy’s caregivers in an intimate way.

Tier Three:  Self-Sustenance, Self-Esteem, and Societal Contribution

Equip Leaders…by empowering individuals with Christian religious and secular education, while helping them to achieve self-esteem.  IAMercy desires that recipients of its benefits would eventually become self-sustaining.  Moreover, it seeks to challenge others to share the mercy they have received with the community around them.  IAMercy wants those to whom it ministers to become agents of holistically positive change within their own society.

 In addition, IAMercy seeks to build strategic partnerships with other individuals, churches, organizations, etc. for the purpose of furthering the Vision.

It is shocking how much IAMercy has accomplished since 2014 July. I can hardly wait to see what their future holds!
— Matt Bitterman - Power Development at Google

What We've Achieved

  • Developing mission trip housing for church ambassadors
  • Networking grass root financial support
  • Collaborating with local Kenyan churches and individuals to create an indigenous ministry team
  • Building support teams
  • Setting up opportunities for international leadership development
  • Teaming with youth in Collide - where kids are giving up birthdays and donating their presents
  • Sharing the love of Jesus daily