The Daily Bread Project:

In 2015 IAMercy started The Daily Bread Project to care for the physical and spiritual needs of children who are still on the streets.  Currently, the regular feedings take place on Saturdays and Mondays, with some Sunday feedings added occasionally.  Ultimately, we would like to provide for the basic spiritual, food, and hygiene needs of street children every day of the week.

On Saturday mornings at 10 AM we meet a group of street boys and share a Gospel message with them.  Then, we feed the boys egg sandwiches and juice.  This feeding takes place on the side of a busy road and it is open to any boy who desires to come for a solid meal.  The boys come back at 5 PM for a second Saturday feeding.

Feeding street boys in Nairobi, Kenya


On Monday mornings we gather with the boys again for another feeding.  This is the main event of the week.  The boys come at 9 AM for breakfast.  We take them to Mama John's (a very cost-efficient restaurant) in the slum of Kawangware and buy them fried bread and tea.  Then, we head to World Hope Church where we have a time of Gospel teaching in a tent the church has provided for our use.

Teaching street boys in Nairobi, Kenya
Teaching street boys in Nairobi, Kenya


After the lesson the boys play football.  

Then, at about 11:45 we head back to Mama John's for lunch.  By around 12:30 we release the boys for the day.

Feeding Street Boys in Nairobi, Kenya

We have seen much fruit from The Daily Bread Project thus far.  As a result of the ministry many boys have given their lives to Christ.  Approximately thirty have proclaimed their faith publicly in baptism.  We have taught through the entire Gospel of Matthew, the Ten Commandments, the and the Lord's Prayer.  And we've had many talks on the basics of the Christian faith.

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