Pray for Space!

Dear Friends,

This month I want to share a major prayer request with you. Please pray for space! As many of you know we started our feedings 4 years ago with 12 street boys on the side of the road. About 14 months ago this had grown to approximately 30 people (a mix of boys, girls, and women). When I made the last IAMercy video (approximately 7 months ago) we had 70 people coming to the feedings and we were meeting in a small facility in the Kawangware slum of Nairobi. This past Saturday we had 113 people in attendance and the place we are currently in is just far too small for us. We are packed like sardines in a can. We cannot get everyone in the building. Each Saturday a group of people stands outside and listens to the talk taking place indoors.

We have been trying to find a new facility that can accommodate our growing numbers. But, frankly, it has been a long and disappointing search. We just haven’t been able to identify a venue that will adequately meet our needs. So - now I am asking you to join us in prayer. God is bringing us the greater blessing (the people). Please join me in praying that He gives us the smaller blessing too (the venue we need to continue to grow as a ministry). And of course - join me in thanking God that He is causing our cup to overflow.

Pax Christi,

Seth Johnson


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