Celebrating Boniface's Birthday

Dear Reader,

After a couple days that were very heavy I thought it would be good to follow up with a lighter post.  Today Boniface and I celebrated his 15th birthday. (In an earlier post I said that I thought he was 16 - but apparently I was wrong.  He was born on this day 15 years ago).  This was the first time he said he had celebrated a birthday since he was 10.  So, I was glad that the timing worked out that he came in just as he was turning 15.  

Our afternoon together was very fun and relaxed.  We went to Artcaffe for lunch.  Boniface said he liked chicken and pizza - so we both ended up ordering chicken pizza.  Afterward he ordered some Black Forest cake (his favorite).  Then we went to Spider Man.  This was Boniface's first time in a movie theater.  He loved it!

Finally - when the other boys came home from school we had a cake waiting so we could celebrate together.  Tonight the plan is to watch another fun movie as a family.

Boniface is healing - and I think he is really enjoying being here.  We all love having him!

Seth Johnson

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